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Lobby / Front Desk

Upon entering our clinic - you will be welcomed by our friendly staff into the our main lobby area. We want everyone to feel at home - so we used deep blues/teals to convey serenity and warmth. Our trademark design scheme is our horizontal stripe pattern courtesy of Dr. Andermann's sister Laina!  Dr. Leslie made it her personal mission to make the lobby inviting, clean, and fresh - instead of the institutional beige color you see at most other clinics. You can rest assured that we will always strive to keep our facility clean and up-to-date. 

Exam Rooms

We have 2 spacious exam rooms with ample room for even the largest of pets to walk around. Each exam room has a large bench to accommodate 2 people comfortably. One exam room is geared towards canines, and the other focuses on our feline friends. 

Treatment Area / Pharmacy

 Welcome to the "heart" of our hospital. This central area is where we do most treatments, assess our critical patients, perform pre-surgical exams and many other tasks. This room also houses our state of the art Abaxis Hematology Analyzers, microscope, and other laboratory machines. Our pharmacy is only an arm's length away - including all of our injectable medications, which help us to expedite treatment.

Surgery Suite

We have a closed surgery unit, which is separate from our treatment area to provide privacy and concentration during critical procedures. This room contains our anesthetic equipment, surgical prep station, and our new stainless steel surgery table. Our dental scaling/polishing machine and ultrasound are also housed in this room. There is a large picture window, which faces outward to our treatment area so our staff can assist Dr. Andermann at a moments notice. 

Radiology Suite

We are proud to be one of the few clinics in Ascension parish that offer digital radiology. Our X-RAY machine is completely digital with an amazing picture quality to aid in a more accurate diagnosis than conventional film machines. Our machine is controlled with a touch screen keypad so we can easily and quickly capture the views we need without having to restrain the patients for long periods of time. After the images are taken, our doctor will transfer the radiographs to an adjacent viewing station where we can discuss the findings in greater detail. 

Kennel Area

Our kennel area is equipped with stainless steel cages in a wide range of sizes to accommodate our hospitalized patients and our boarders. 

Bathing Area

If your pet needs to freshen up, we also have an elevated tub surrounded by a ceramic tile back splash. All pets that board with us three days or more receive a complementary bath before going home!

My Yorkie is not just a dog she is my child. I trust Andermann Animal Clinic with her life. Very helpful and friendly staff and wouldn't go anywhere else! 

~ Lori Zeringue

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