Snoot came to our hospital on November 8, 2013. She had gotten into a fight with another dog (her mother actually) and sustained several deep wounds to her face and head. According to her owners, Snoot and her mom get into tussles every now and then, mostly about food. Snoot actually got her name this way - when she was bit as a little pup - it made her snoot swell up! The owners never know when the dogs will fight - it occurs suddenly, but 90% of the time they lick each other and play together. Well, this time the wounds became deeply infected and poor Snoot's face was swollen so bad she couldn't even see. 

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 We immediately started her on antibiotics for the infection and also Prednisone (steroids) to help decrease the swelling. After only 24 hours of these medications, we noticed a huge improvement. 

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We continued treating her with oral antibiotics, oral steroids, and made sure to keep her wound site clean. Dr. Andermann debated heavily on surgical repair vs. second intention healing, but Snoot seemed to take so well to the treatments we decided to let it heal on it's own. By letting it heal with second intention, we avoided the risk and higher costs associated with anesthesia. Snoot is a farm dog and lives outside so we had to keep her indoors for the duration of her treatment. Snoot didn't seem to mind having an extended stay at our clinic - we ended up spoiling her rotten!

Below - Our technician Jessika is getting Snoot all dolled up for her Christmas photoshoot.

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 It's been almost a month since we met Miss Snoot and now her snout is almost healed!



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